Invicta 8926 Pro Diver Automatic Watch Review


The Invicta 8926 Pro Diver automatic watch is one of the best values today and is a very versatile mens watch.  I am a watch collector and enthusiast and the 8926 is one of my favorite watches in my collection that I find myself wearing regularly whether its going to the office or out on the the water on weekends.  Best thing about this watch is it can be had for under a $100 on Amazon.  This watch is constantly a top seller online and has a strong following in the watch community and among collectors.  Several Rolex owners purchase these to wear on weekends and for travelling so as not to risk damaging the Rolex.   It has become an iconic watch for good reason, it is a quality automatic mens watch for under a $100 that looks great and keeps good time.

Rock solid and reliable Seiko Japanese Automatic Movement:

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The affordable price of the Invicta 8926 makes it an excellent watch for those wanting to get into automatic watches or anyone who likes the classic Rolex design without the heavy price tag.  Automatic watches do not have batteries and are  made up of over a 100 parts and using a series of mechanical gears power the watch with the movement of ones arm.  They are considered more desirable among watch enthusiasts and  horologists due to the engineering beauty of having essentially a small engine on your wrist.

Design – Rating 9/10

The Invicta 8926 Pro Diver takes many design features from the classic Rolex Submariner so it is no surprise that it looks stunning on any occasion.  The 40 mm dial is identical in size to the classic Rolex design and the case thickness of 13 mm means it will fit under a dress shirt which means it looks great for both casual and dressy events.  It is not too big and is a more timeless design than many of the larger mens watches that have been on the market lately, a fad that seems to be fading fast.

40 mm black dial with Mercedes hands:


It features a reliable automatic movement like many of the higher end swiss watches like Omega, Rolex and Breitling.  The brushed and polished steel case features a classic deep black dial with the Rolex style Mercedes hands with lume and has a unidirectional 120 click divers bezel and a stainless steel oyster bracelet.  The 8926 Pro Diver features a flame fusion crystal with date window, screw down crown and is water resistant to 200 meters and makes a great dive watch that wont hurt the bank if you break or lose it.  The Invicta 8926 also features an exhibition case back which allows you to see the Seiko automatic movement in action.

The Invicta 8926 next to the Rolex Submariner:


A shot of the lume on the dial of the Invicta 8926:


Movement – Rating 8/10

The rock solid movement in the Invicta 8926 is a Japanese Seiko NH35A 24 jewel automatic movement which has a 40 hour power reserve which hacks(ability to stop the second hand) and handwinds, features that are often not found in automatic watches at much higher prices.  Accuracy on most models is about +-5 seconds per day which is very respectable at this price and can be improved if you take a visit to your local watchmaker to get it regulated.  Older models featured a Miyota movement which did not hack or hand wind so it really is an amazing deal.

Invicta 8926 on rubber strap, showing the exhibition case back:


Reliability – Rating 8/10

The polished steel case on the Invicta 8926 is a thing of beauty with very good build quality and plays the part of a Rolex Submariner homage very well.  The 120 click divers bezel works well and has a nice loud audible click similar to the Rolex.  The stainless steel oyster style bracelet has solid end links and a stamped clasp and is very comfortable to wear daily.  The watch features a durable flame fusion crystal with date window and seems to hold up extremely well over time.  People have been known to use this watch for shooting or high impact activities and the watch holds up to the abuse.

The Seiko movement is a proven reliable workhorse that can withstand a lot of abuse and can be found in watches that cost a lot more.  It also hacks and handwinds which is amazing in an automatic watch at this price point.  The Invicta 8926 is water resistant to 200 meters or 660 feet and features a signed screw down crown at the usual 3 o-clock position.

Water resistant to 200 meters with a screw down crown:


Price and Value – Rating 10/10

The Invicta 8926 Pro Divers watch is one of the best selling mens watches on Amazon and is a model that has developed a good reputation among watch collectors and enthusiasts.  The 8926 can be purchased for under a $100 on Amazon and considering a base Rolex starts at $7,000 this makes it one of the best bargains for a mens automatic watch today.  Other affordable offerings from Seiko and Orient are also popular automatic watches but most start at about $200 USD and do not have the hacking or hand winding  features of this watch.  Maintenance of a high end automatic like an Omega or Rolex will often run the owner upwards of $500 dollars while with the Invicta 8926 if it happens to break I suggest just purchasing a new one.  The 8926 also looks amazing on a NATO strap, leather, or rubber bands offering a new look for summer or to fit with any outfit.  The watch is also a popular watch to modify, you can upgrade to a Saphire crystal or a better Oyster bracelet is available online if desired.  All of this adds value and versatility to an already excellent mens watch.

Invicta 8926 on a Maratac Bond NATO Strap:  



What are some of the CONS, whats not to like about the Invicta 8926?

There are only a few things I would consider a CON about this watch most of which can be easily overlooked by the excellect value and quality of this watch.

1) Invicta Customer Support is poor – Invicta has been known to charge a fee plus take their time when repairing a watch.  If I was faced with a repair on my 8926 I would likely just purchase a new one.

2) The bracelet is light weight with a stamped clasp and could be better.  While for most people the bracelet is adequate some may complain of the lighter weight.  However in my experience it is comfortable and durable.

4) The lume could be better.  The lume is not as good as say an Omega, Rolex or the infamous Seiko lume however it is still very good for the price.

Who should buy the Invicta 8926 and where to buy it?

Anyone who loves the classic Rolex Submariner styling will appreciate the look, quality and value offered in the Invicta 8926 Divers watch.  This watch is also a good introduction into automatic dive watches and a good way to try an automatic before buying an expensive Swiss brand.  The best place to buy it is on Amazon, they have the best prices on the Invicta 8926, good shipping and a good return policy.


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A Review of the Invicta 8926 Automatic Divers Watch